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San Blas islands

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The San Blas islands, known to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world,are the last stop in the Caribbean Sea before crossing the Panama chanel towards the Pacific Ocean.
Country of the Kuna indians, it is an archipelago of 365 islands, which only about 60 are inhabited. There are about 50 000 inhabitants, following the traditions, specially women that are still making the famous mola, handmade colorfull shirts.
The natives economy is based on fishing, agriculture and coco business. The Kuna territory (« Guna yala ») is autonomous since the independance war against Panama in 1920.


It is this place and this culture that we want to share with you.

Your cruise will start in Corazon de Jesus or Porvenir, and then follow the wind and your rythme, across islands with a village, a family or just some coconut trees.
Sailing, snorkeling in cristal waters, discovering the rich coral life, relaxing on a wild white sandy beach, meeting the natives, or have a rest in a hamock, so much activities you will enjoy every day.

Welcome on board!


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